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Just landing here from there. Interested in poetry and writing peeps. Journals, literary fictions, writer chats, etc. so forth. Works in tech. Friendly. Respectful. Not so interested in what billionaire's think.

I just saw a seagull limping along and my troubles all seem so small now.

I wrote a sonnet about the downs. And boy are there downs in this world right now! That is up now on Neologism , Issue 60. It's called "Bring me down". And it's accompanied by "Reincarnated as a bird", all about being fraught.

I put a small dish of water out for the birds. This prairie desert is such a strain on them. They swoop in an sip up a bit then carry on.

Has anyone watched Night Sky on Prime? I just finished that 2022 first season, and I want MORE!! :)
How did it sit with scifi-fantasy folks? I really appreciated the character-development in the writing. And all the excellent performances, especially Spacek and Simmons.

My poem "Making Space: Black holes and other loners, 2019" is published in Yellow Arrow Journal's latest issue, UpSpring. They publish writers/artists who identify as women. Buy an issue. Read good stuff. Feel awesome!!

✅ Gutter cleaned
✅ Lawn mowed
✅ Indoor plants repotted with cool new float water gauges
✅ Outdoor pots planted with yellowest Marigolds and lavender Geraniums
✅ New Rosebush now sitting pretty by the fence💗

People are rolling down the street with their little campers, heading for the mountains. And now I want a camper!! I want to sleep under the stars. Sleeping-bagged. Nestled in some wee grove. Hear the wind in the trees. Wake up chilly. Slurp instant coffee. Hike trails where bear and cougar lurk!!

I posted this, below. And then someone with zero info on their profile Boosted it and asked to follow.


"Quick note to folks joining Mastodon - please put up some info on your profile or post a bit to show what you are about, before asking to follow. I want this to be a conversation as much as possible :)"

Sometimes I am writing poetry, and sometimes I am doing banking. That's all you really need to know to explain my moodiness.

returns - may they reach your loving hands quickly!! Here's the awesome P'tit Belliveau - Income Tax

Quick note to folks joining Mastodon - please put up some info on your profile or post a bit to show what you are about, before asking to follow. I want this to be a conversation as much as possible :)

(Stupid guy down the stupid street put a stupid engine in his stupid car and it stupidly vroom-vroom-vrooms stupidly loudly for no stupid reason except he's a stupid stupid stupid-head)

Just finished "Where the Sky Meets the Ocean and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make A Sound" by Dan Hoy, Mike Kleine, and it was bonkers, yet I feel I understood it at some level beyond sentences. That said, I could not tell you the plot for love nor money. It's a ride!! Not a for the those who want clearly defined plot and obvious connections!!

I just wrote a piece of fiction. Huh. 🌑 1961 words. Slightly weird.

The trolls who impersonate "Service Canada" and call telling you your social insurance number is locked or your gonna be arrested ... Those arseholes are out in FULL FORCE today. Calling and calling.

I'm wishing them all gopherholes. To watch or trip in, as karma demands.

Awesome birding day. Saw in the back yard:
- Downy Woodpecker
- Northern Flicker
- Slew of Robins
- Starling
- Sparrows by the handful
- trusty Magpie
(pix from wilipedia) just for folks who wonder what they look like.

It is quite usual for me to have 4 or 5 in play at once. I get bored or distracted, even with the best . I drop one and pick up another. Sometimes a book will lie fallow for years only for me to pick it up and finish it like I'm being chased :)

What is your habit? Serial devotion to a single book? Multiple at once? Main novel with short fiction chaser interruptions? Re-reading the same book?

Folks say join a group. And that is all well and good but who? when? where? what if they are all more impatient than me? (clearly that is not possible, but, whatever, I am consumed with speculation right now!!!)

Regarding Roe vs Wade rollback in US. Remember: Abortion laws do not decrease abortion rates.
They do increase rate of death for the woman 34x. (credit DrPoorman on Twitter) Abortion on demand is a life-saving choice.

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