War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
(24.02.22 Russia)

@saurav And there was also a strong AI and an orbital station on which thousands of people lived, which is not present now. I don't know where you are from, but where I live, I see a sharp division of society, where high technologies coexist with a low standard of living.

My city is like a city from a Gibson novel. 🌃 Neon signs on old buildings, "Nissan" electric car taxis drive through the dirty streets... 🚖 People ride electric scooters, mono-wheels, gyro scooters. 🛴 All have smartphones, gadgets, but at the same time, the standard of living is falling from year to year. Lots of homeless people and trash in the streets We are falling into cyberpunk, or rather, we are already in it. High-tech, low live

My first post on the Mastodon. Now I am here and will be here! In enjoying the freedom in free software :angery:


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