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🔥 So you're building Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS) which is ActivityPub-enabled. That means it is interoperable with Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, etc.

The aim of the software is to enable communities to create their own spaces and post things which are public and private.

It's modular, so you can start with a base installation and then add 'apps' and extensions to it - e.g. task management, or collective decision-making.

How do you best describe this to less technical people?

Bitter but honest truth (or advice):
Choose one thing. I know you want to do many things but pick one, Now and don't hop over the another when things get hard. You may fear you'll lose the other goals and perks when you achieve them, but achieving one or two is better than achieving none of your goals and hopping over tasks, goals aimlessly without proper planning. Achieving something requires patience, practice, focus, energy, etc.
but working on multiple things at once slow you down on all.

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Blogging should first and foremost always be for yourself. You’ll “find your people” because they will find you.

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I turn up to work clearly intoxicated. My boss asks "why are you wasted at 9am?"

I reply "Dave, I'm a Linux user. You know I can't deal with the Office without Wine."

I get fired. I do not care. I just made the best joke in history.

@vwbusguy Hi, Bro!.. you are so me, but on chapter 20. I'm at chapter 2 probably. Piece.

Choose wisely, this decision does not changes everything in day but one day - Personal Thought.

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Just realised dreaming of doing something Vs Actually doing that, infact at this stage in my life doing even 10% of what I dreamt of, is pretty decent job.

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There were days when I literally dreamt of waking up early, get fresh and go for a walk or run and exercise and returning home with a great energy.

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Had courage to just get outta bed early again. Very happy and excited for the day.

Programming is fun and so is ruby-lang.
But nobody said it is easy, it is just making complex things simple enough to work and solve some real world problems and I think, so is ruby.
I am so dedicated and excited, to do it daily, making lots of beautiful stuff that will solve real world problems or just for fun.

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Hello World!
Earlier this week, I started learning Ruby programming language 💎
Thread: My thoughts 👇

This Old pic, still gives me kick.
Never Imagined I could capture it.
It's beautiful.
Not necessary to make sense to everyone.

I go to bed early, daily.
Just that I go to bed with my phone and my phone is a night owl.
Something similar happens in morning :cwy:

Hey! I hope you're doing good, cause I'm just struggling in so many things, LoL. Anyways. I am learning JavaScript. It's horrible and weirdest language I ever came across, but I believe It's all gonna worth it someday and thereafter hehe.
This is day 82/365.

Boost it it you like it.
Reply your views.
I would love to talk to you all.


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