Wait, so in order to bridge matrix and whatsapp i'd have to have a homeserver running at all times?

Etymological weirdness:

First, “grocer” was “one who sold things by the gross (in large quantities)”—basically a wholesaler. Then the things they sold became known as “grocery”

Since much of what was sold was foods and spices, “grocery” drifted to mainly mean “foods”. And the people who sold foods, even though it was mostly in quantities for personal use, were the purveyors of grocery, so… “grocers”

This reinforced itself in US English, so that the stuff you buy at a grocer was called “groceries”. And then the place you buy them—a store of groceries—becomes a “grocery store” (regional; some places use “market”)

What a lovely little tornado!

#esittely Moikka! 31v kaupallisen somen pakoilija Jyväskylästä.

I don't really like Signal. I don't like Telegram either. Wire is acceptable, but also clunky. It kinda sucks that people have to basically choose and commit to one app with all of their contacts now, if IM apps were federated like e-mail and Mastodon you could just keep talking to your friends from wherever.


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