@fisu @lonely I believe this was tried and it did not go well. platforms need some degree of centralized moderation.

I'll retoot this here as well:

what Computer Science (or similar) podcasts do you guys listen to or recommend?

@TheCanine @Lana I suppose we have to trust the moderators to make the right decisions when the time comes. the other option being moving to another instance or creating your own

@TheCanine @Lana honestly I would welcome that scenario. it'd be a good popularity boost for Mastodon (and the Fediverse in general) and we already have experience cutting off instances from the whole Gab issue

@TheCanine @Lana I'm sure he has some sort of tech advisors that could alert him to mastodon, and he could make his own instance (or just make an official instance for the gov't as a whole) to get around rules

@mxjordanmaximus my depression and massive ego deciding who's turn it is this minute

@The_Quantum_Alpha any particular reason you find this article alarming? it's definitely political but that doesn't change my privacy using Firefox. the only notable thing I saw was the vagueness of "Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation"

@The_Quantum_Alpha interesting. I have noticed their apps collect technical data by default, but I didn't know it was at the Mozilla level... I'll have to look into it later

@soulbouquet it's not maybe but I think Fedilab (android app) has this!

@protheory8 yeah that's why I bring them up, the fediverse at large clearly doesn't want that type of instance. so hopefully the right-wing ""free speech"" crowd gets a container for the rest of us to filter as we choose

not hating on all right-wing people or anything, just hoping the fediverse stays healthy with the influx of people (which may or may not happen)

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