federated to-do list that introduces social aspects to my daily tasks

missed the first lecture of the year for one of my classes because I'm dumb.
how's your day going?

"My will to do science is significantly stronger than my will to live"
- William Osman

just found out KDE connect works through Wireguard :)

@dminca I don't think you can, looking at the posts in the first picture you can see that they come from a Mastodon account; this feature seems to help with federation so you could follow someone's Mastodon on your PixelFed.

doing development on Windows is... frustrating to say the least

new motto:

"Just fork it my guy, live that open source life."

when I'm in the market for a laptop and if they have an AMD model at that time, this will be my go-to

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anyone who cares about tech should be aware of the Framework laptop that's coming out. it's modular, lightweight, this, and good looking.

I think these are good ideas because they give power to the original source: the sellers, producers, artists. but it also allows them to not have to build their own website, an especially good point for smaller accounts. there could also be some creative uses of accounts: maybe one profile on the federated shopping site could follow brands that produce ethical goods. one could follow brands that supports the yellow economic circle. etc etc. AND it allow you to more easily support local things

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the only issue here is with abusive clients. since federation allows for different clients (apps) to be used to access the information, an abusive app could download the movies /music/etc illegally for sharing or even profit. this can be mitigated by sellers/artists/producers only allowing certain apps, or perhaps blacklisting certain apps instead (in order to allow the user to have more choice). this issue could probably also be solved in other ways, this is just one idea.

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federated movies: one could subscribe to different streaming sites with the same account. otherwise this is pretty similar to federated music.

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federated music: artists have their own accounts and can post their albums for followers to listen to. in order to gain access to the media, one would have to pay the artist however much the artist requires. artists could be part of different groups that would allow one to subscribe to a bunch of artists at the same time. there could even be a dominant channel that would resemble Spotify if the artists and users found that to be useful.

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federated shopping: each seller has their own page that they run independently, i.e. their brand's account. local "timelines" are just that - things that are local to your area, encouraging people to participate in their local economy. federated "timelines" would be something similar to Amazon or Ebay where you can buy from anyone in the world (filtering could be done easily if the seller doesn't ship to your area)

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I wish more things would federate. I think we've been thinking too small keeping it to social media: a small ideas thread.

THERE'S NO REason to tie all your entire online presence together. service requires email? use Anonaddy to have different emails for all services, use fakepersongenerator to generate other information. save the information in BItwarden to manage it. use Privacy.com to create multiple cards. all of this is free and protects your privacy, which is being oppressively violated

@matrix not to diss anyone in particular, but @signalapp@twitter.com (can't even find a mosto for them...) is really falling behind

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the more experience I have with various communication platforms, the more confident I am that @matrix is the best

"there are plenty of excuses for our rocks to float, so let's label that a feature"

- Sebastian Lague

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