Opt out of google cookies and you get some really funny scams that google make money out of.

Just watching one on my other fake social media platform computer:

The advert is Get Starscope - and amazing invention defies optical capabilities but youtube without checking the credibility of the products feels fit to broadcast it. They cannot check their platforms content but should check their advertisers.

This is not new I know - Xtra-PC,dental products and health products - But still funny

I hope the start of the new Presidency starts with appalling main stream media viewing figures with just 100 cars hooting their horns for Biden (Probably all that voted for him across America)

It will be OK though Big Tech will say it was the most watched thing on-line and broke the internet

Since Elon Musk stood up for Signal will he be de-platformed by big tech?

I wish he would, he might bring some sense into social media starting up new social media platforms and re-write the rules making freedom of speech real again.

It is annoying how many twitter links in here - I needed to get away from that.

Let's bring Cancel Culture to the next level and cancel all our big Tech accounts.

Cancel Amazon Prime accounts/facebook/twitter/google

I need a live streaming service for my youtube earthquake live streams that run 24/7 365 days does anyone know of a platform?

Odysee I do not think does livestreaming, but that is where I mirror my uploads

Twitch (amazon) is the only one I know and I do not want to use that any more

I have made a start today and moved onto this platform

Parler should host on AliCloud - less censorship there in China

Where is Jack Ma maybe the CCP has different ways of de-platforming companies!!

I remember the days when MicroSoft had a product called homeServer. I need an open source packaged one on these with open source versions of Social media(twitter/facebook) /Youtube type products that you can also use as an extranet to reach out to other bubbles

We need to take back the internet - No cookie mandatory functional or others - They (Big Tech) protect our privacy by monetarising it - even if you double VPN yourself they still know what you are doing - really slow internet experience

I used to be a DataCenter Manager - Will their now be a de-Cloud (AWS/Azure/google) movement in business

Looks like even if you use another cloud provider as your DR plan like AWS DR to google your company can completely be shutdown with the flick of a Big Tech switch now that we know that they are a cartel working together

Need to build a Linux Home Family Social media server that can be extended to other bubbles if needed - Any suggestions what to use?

I will reduce my time online to reduce the advertisers revenue for twitter/ facebook/google and start to move my family and friends to do the same. Already on LBRY/odysee and youmaker need to get Parler back.

fed up with them Samsung needs to create an open source version of their smart phones


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