First order logic / predicate can be used to write a ??? That's impressive. I thought was for epistemological proofs, but looks like I'm wrong.

Frozen sperm just as effective as fresh for insemination treatments

Patients having intrauterine insemination for fertility treatment can be reassured that the use of cryopreserved sperm instead of fresh is not associated with inferior outcomes. The largest study of its kind, whose results are presented today at the 38th annual meeting of ESHRE, found no difference in pregnancy rates between cycles using cryopreserved or fresh sperm samples. The results of the study, pr

Will @thunderbird ever support @Tutanota or @protonmail ?Both are , but I can't help but feel like they're walled gardens😶 It's either their clients or nothing. If they ever decided to close the source or their service went offline, I wouldn't be able to access a backup in a known format (.mbox?)

Is too early? Maybe we need first before breaking up the largest sourceforge into multiple instances of , , , etc.

Or instead of just promoting those, we need a decentralized sourceforge like

Do you plan to #GiveUpGithub ?

The NASA crawler-transporters are amazing, they can carry a a whole moon rocket or space shuttle or even a part of a node_modules directory

Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware

is getting a team! Finally!

I wonder how many years in a row documentation has been the number 1 complaint. Good that they are taking it seriously after so long.

Now we wait...
(Or contribute; I bet there are people with a lot of knowledge that could be sourced)

New drug shows promise against toxoplasmosis

Findings from a new University of Kentucky College of Medicine study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry May 28 may lead to a new treatment against Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

Should you get a vasectomy after Roe decision? Doctors explain how it works

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned on Friday and Missouri's trigger ban outlawed nearly all abortion in the state, interest in vasectomies has been on the rise around Kansas City.

Ah why won't you just let me use role bindings with patterns in the resource name?😔

Post Roe, women in America are right to be concerned about digital surveillance. And it's not just period-tracking apps

The reversal of Roe v. Wade by the American Supreme court last week is a watershed moment in American politics. The ruling withdraws constitutional protections for abortion rights and sends the issue to the states, around half of which are expected to ban abortions.

Netflix 'actively' working on ad-supported subscription

Netflix is "actively" working on building its cheaper, ad-supported deal, the company's French team said on Tuesday, but added there was no clear timeline.

Dream of unlimited, clean nuclear fusion energy within reach

The old joke is that nuclear fusion is always 30 years away. Yet the dream of abundant clean energy is no laughing matter as we meet an ITER researcher to catch up on progress at the reactor facility.

@bzg @loveisgrief @fsf @forgefriends @forgefed this is good timing as I'll start looking for funding next week 💰

The only open call I found is entrust. If anyone knows about other opportunities that would be a good fit for related work, URLs would be very appreciated. ✨

Kampf gegen Plastikmüll: Forscher erfinden essbare Verpackungen für Obst und Gemüse

Für in Plastik eingeschweißte Äpfel oder Avocados haben US-Wissenschaftler nun eine Alternative entwickelt. Die hält die
Ware länger frisch und ist sogar erstaunlich billig.

Why is that the narrative of personal responsibility for and is so difficult to understand? Yes, YOU, the person reading this, and I are partially to blame. Of course we cannot see every way the products we choose to buy are destroying our , but once we know, most of us don't change a thing even if we can.

Industries don't exist in a void. They make products FOR us, because we buy them and it makes them money.

It's not that hard to understand.

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