Will @thunderbird ever support @Tutanota or @protonmail ?Both are , but I can't help but feel like they're walled gardens😶 It's either their clients or nothing. If they ever decided to close the source or their service went offline, I wouldn't be able to access a backup in a known format (.mbox?)

@loveisgrief @Tutanota @protonmail It's the other way around -- ProtonMail needs to support products like Thunderbird ;-)

That said, I personally use ProtonMail on my Thunderbird client, but the ProtonMail bridge is a necessity.

And, we sure hope they add another option for Android users besides their own app, by the time we bring Thunderbird to that platform.


@thunderbird I do wonder how @protonmail is able to make proton bridge a paid function. There must be a subscription check of some sort, but if the APIs for retrieving and sending emails were documented and public, then I imagine they wouldn't be able to make it a paid feature.

It does reek of walled garden 😐

@loveisgrief @protonmail @thunderbird There is also #hydroxide. In principle you should be able to run hydroxide on a trusted server, then configure your phone MUA to connect to your IMAP server (which is what the bridge gives you). Just a matter of putting a hole in your firewall.

@thunderbird @protonmail @loveisgrief #Hydroxide is more needed for Tutanota since Tutanota doesn’t even have a bridge of their own. But it would also be more complex to add an interface for Tutanota since they don’t simply use openpgp but rather something home-baked IIUC.

@koherecoWatchdog @protonmail @thunderbird with a or another , hydroxide should be able to run locally too.
I'm not sure which firewall rules to configure since the IP of a mobile always changes. I'd prefer an SSH proxy or forwarded port, but that would be difficult.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me to hydroxide! (Terrible name though)

@loveisgrief @thunderbird @protonmail I don’t understand why the mobile IP would be needed. If you run hydroxide directly on a mobile device, then the IP of your IMAP server would be If you run hydroxide on a PC, then the port forwarding config only needs to know the port numbers hydroxide listens on, and whatever port number you want to assign. Your phone’s WAN-facing IP is not needed in either case.

@koherecoWatchdog I was responding to your suggestion about running hydroxide on a trusted server. In that case, I don't think just changing the port would suffice, as the only protection would be security by obscurity, correct?

The connection between client and server isn't encrypted, if I'm reading hydroxide's README correctly.

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