@librecast looking at the roadmap and I see stuff like "ActivityPub Support". Isn't multicast transport layer and application layer?

Why would it need to be aware of the protocols in the layer above?

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@loveisgrief that's a good question, while multicast and librecast are lower down the application layer, we will also be working on some Web applications that will use the library, so we do want to integrate those with the Fediverse @dentangle

@loveisgrief @librecast That is a feature for the Librecast LIVE! application.

The Librecast API doesn't need ActivityPub directly, no.

@dentangle @librecast I see. Thank you. Wasn't aware that the roadmap was for all applications. Must've missed that.

@loveisgrief we do need to update how the website communicates the direction of the project and the app.

But it's always nice for a project to be asked questions.

@librecast in this case, I don't know if @codeberg supports it, but maybe there's an org level overview possible or a roadmap feature (I know has it) which could be linked to.

I imagine maintaining the page manually isn't fun.

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