@librecast looking at the roadmap librecast.net/roadmap.html and I see stuff like "ActivityPub Support". Isn't multicast transport layer and application layer?

Why would it need to be aware of the protocols in the layer above?

@loveisgrief @librecast That is a feature for the Librecast LIVE! application.

The Librecast API doesn't need ActivityPub directly, no.

@dentangle @librecast I see. Thank you. Wasn't aware that the roadmap was for all applications. Must've missed that.

@loveisgrief we do need to update how the website communicates the direction of the project and the app.

But it's always nice for a project to be asked questions.


@librecast in this case, I don't know if @codeberg supports it, but maybe there's an org level overview possible or a roadmap feature (I know has it) which could be linked to.

I imagine maintaining the page manually isn't fun.

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