Is there any software that allows posting to multiple social media sites at once? E.g you make a short video and you'd like to upload it to reddit, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, peertube, youtube, vimeo, etc.
Does something like that exist?

streetcompleteness.haukauntrie is sadly a closed source website to see how many quests in a city have been completed. It would nice to have an version thereof, but in order to do so, does anybody know how gets the quests for the city? I only have a phone right now, so reading kotlin will be hard.

I'd really like to know which city is the "most complete" on by street complete standards.

Is there really no client for ? 😮
I'm a little flabbergasted.

Maybe my dusting will have a use after all!

Will @thunderbird ever support @Tutanota or @protonmail ?Both are , but I can't help but feel like they're walled gardens😶 It's either their clients or nothing. If they ever decided to close the source or their service went offline, I wouldn't be able to access a backup in a known format (.mbox?)

Is is possible to output the screen of your as a webcam through its USB-C connection? Or otherwise asked, how do stream the screen of a Librem 5 to another computer without killing the battery?

I can't remember where I saw it, but I remember the text of being commited to a repo and each change being put into a pull-request.

Is there a particular software solution that does that? It would be interesting to hear how a government was convinced to take the approach

What I would give for an , personal server that allows me to create and stream my entire 20k songs library on random...

Basically a personal replacement.

After checking out a few, I wish there were more time to write one myself, alas... time is a commodity I cannot spare

Researcher creates free, comment software for

It might be interesting for the community to help them out. It's a app most notably missing unit and integration tests + a CI

@EU_Commission Hope you are the guys to write to about this.

requires which is great, but why is the app
a. and not
b. Only available on Google Play?

And why do I need a separate, specialized app to login? There are lots of apps out there already that do NOT require a phone.

You guys use too, don't you? I'm curious about why and if there's any chance you would consider switching to ( )

Does anybody use the ?

The results I'm getting aren't great and it would be nice to move away from frontends like , , , etc.

Maybe there are other good opensource alternatives?

finds desktop flaw that gives root to untrusted users

Elevation of privilege vulnerabilities can be used to gain persistent root access.

Good thing the code is and one can inspect it to contribute to solutions. Nice find!

Is there a continuous deployment service that pulls terraform files and applies them?

Gemeenten heroverwegen gebruik van omstreden Chinese camera's

Er zijn zorgen dat de Chinese overheid de camera's kan gebruiken om te spioneren.

Grappig dat ze zich zorgen maken over Chinese hardware, maar VS software is OK? zijn niet en van de de VS wetgeving verplicht om gegevens met se overheid te delen. Na weten we ook dat ze overal spioneren.

Maar China is het probleem...

is a great alternative to for automation that I'm just discovering. Now I don't have to write my own webapp and worry about hosting it. I just click together a workflow and connect all kinds of services without having to waste my time reading API docs.

Even better, if something's missing, I can contribute to the sourcecode and make available for everybody!
😌 😌 😌

What is it with projects using closed source communication platforms like and when there's ?

How can one collaborate on a document with suggestions and discussions about those suggestions?

I thought about using pull/merge requests, but they aren't very visual and one is really limited to simple textual representations (rich text l, images, etc. won't work).

Die Apple-Lehrer

In Schulen kommt die Digitalisierung kaum voran. Konzerne wie Apple springen ein, dabei spielen Lehrerinnen und Lehrer eine zentrale Rolle: Einige von ihnen treten auf wie Markenbotschafter für den Milliarden-Konzern.

Warum sollten Schulen mehr Geld für Markenprodukte wie ausgeben? besteht schon lange.


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