How could I expose the functions and constants of a dynamic or static library for an format or protocol?
As in I have a lib, how do I generate a for example an JSON, that describes the lib? I could then generate or run a server that interprets the lib description and accepts remote calls.

All I would need to do is write my library as normal, run one command to generate the descriptor and run the server with it.

Can monads just be thought of a way to be imperative in functional programming languages?

Does light intensity (low, medium, high) have long-term impact on our eyes? And what about the contrast of light intensities?

When employing full remote, is OK to pay differently for the same work depending on where the worker lives?

What if we filled some locations in the Sahara that are under sea level with sea water? As in dug a trench all the way there and let it fill up. What would the effect be?

Do European banks have APIs? Are these APIs free? Who can access them? Can they be used to create virtual accounts and make transfers?

Is interpreted by a interpreter? Isn't it supposed to be faster than ?

How can one collaborate on a document with suggestions and discussions about those suggestions?

I thought about using pull/merge requests, but they aren't very visual and one is really limited to simple textual representations (rich text l, images, etc. won't work).

What if web apps actually ran in containers with runtimes they required?
Browsers have are already VMs with a GUI with a limited runtime (JS) and UI language (HTML+CSS).
Why bundle entire we browsers around applications when one could use existing technologies (containers, display managers, etc) to provide the same things but smaller and with whichever protocol they want to use?

Is it possible to receive an message, but still verify that the sender is part of your userbase?

For example, I want to have a community made up of only selected people / using very selective criteria and allow them to share their experiences anonymously. A support group for victims of abuse (rape, drugs, harassment, etc.).

Could something similar to 's "Sealed Sender" work?

Is there any surefire way of verifying that the opensource software running on a server you don't control is really the version in the repo?

e.g git master has commit with SHA 12345ABC, how do I know that exact version is running on the server?

Is it even possible?

turns into a zombie after resuming from a . Does anybody know a way to find out why?

I'll be trying an strace and maybe `gdb -p`, but I don't know what else could be done. Sending SIGCHLD to the parent (systemd --user) doesn't help

Does anybody know of a (engine?) that uses the filesystem as the DB? Symlinks make relations easy.

Long-range quantum entanglement measured at last – Physics World

New work by two independent groups might aid the development of robust quantum memories

So, just to understand, is this the equivalent of researching the basics to make hard disks to store information the basics for RAM?


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