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What messaging app do you prefer

If anyone want a simpler #matrix client, I can recommend SchildiChat!

I dont know what the logo is thou

Lily has always wanted to be famous. I told her to pose like you mean it and we would let Reddit decide her fame #cats #cat

It will be based on my old blog's one (, it was a little primitive
The new will be more user-friendly

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I'm not an expert on marketing by any means so take it with a grain of salt but my impression is that testimonials are more effective when you tell about your personal experience instead of just saying "x is y". So if you could say what Mastodon enabled you to do or what it means to you that would be a lot better than if you just said that Mastodon has something.

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Are you using #Mozilla #Firefox on Android?

Stop! 🚫

Firefox includes LeanPlum, Google Firebease Analytics, and Adjust trackers.

Either disable Telemetry, or switch to Bromite, which includes no trackers:

#privacy #foss #freedom #security

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