Hello world!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm a Computer Scientist and full-time student in the US. I have strong opinions on obscure technology topics, and I hope to share them with ya'll whenever I can find the time!

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@splash730 no, but I'm a Chicagoland native (come from a town about an hour away)

@luckierdodge Hey hey, welcome! I signed up myself just last week. So far so good.

Please, for all of us, share one piece of obscure technology knowledge! 🙂

I'm a software developer but love me a good dive into lambda calculus.


Oh boy, time to put those hundreds of hours of literature review to good use 😆

It turns out that Virtual Reality has a lot of fun effects on user perceptions, even non-visual ones. For instance, if you want to change how "springy" a haptic device feels in VR, you can get away with just adjusting how it's virtual representation reacts to interaction! This means you can have "psuedo-haptic" feedback, even with static elastic devices.

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