computer issues 

I'm trying to fix an old desktop (circa 2010) that someone else was using. Apparently the HD failed (it gave enough warning that everything was backed up), and apparently the cr2032 battery has been dead for months (!).

Since it seemed like the issue was the HD, the first thing I tried was plugging a Linux live USB but it won't boot into that either. Could this be about the battery, or is it likely to be unsalvageable?

computer issues 

I could get to grub (I think there is a message before getting to that, but it is too fast - and it doesn't go straight to the OS), run memtest, and select either normal kubuntu, or kubuntu in safe graphics mode or OEM install. But trying to boot just hangs forever.

The bios won't detect the HD at all, RAM seems ok, I wonder if the bios was corrupted or lost some other configuration.


computer issues 

@eldaking If the hard drive isn't being detected at all, most likely either the drive is super fucked up (relatively uncommon), or there's a problem with the drive cable or the controller on the motherboard. If you can, try putting in a new drive, check the seating of the cable, swap out the cable if you can, even try out different ports on the motherboard.

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