I've actually had some free time to play video games again recently, so here's 2 recommendations:

- Citizen Sleeper
- Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Edition

If you're into engaging narrative-driven stuff, you'll enjoy both of these, pinkie promise

There's an RSS feed, for those who practice, at ryandlewis.dev/feed.xml

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I'm actually enjoying the Halo TV show, but it's a little strange how they reinterpreted the strong silent type of Master Chief. In the games, he responds in single words or short, curt sentences. In the show, he just...ignores everyone most of the time lol

Was struggling to figure out why, even after many minutes and a couple thousand episodes, this RL algorithm I'm trying to implement didn't seem to be improving. Kept checking to see if my code was borked somewhere.

Finally went back to the paper and noticed the time axis of their training graph went from 0 to 200 million episodes lol. Gonna have to burn a lot of watts on this bad boy's education.

Everybody says social media creates echo chambers, but sometimes it feels more like a big tub full of constructive interference. Two opposing waves colliding and making the combined wave even more extreme then either wave in it's own space, across every dimension of discourse

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#3Dprinted dress made w/ @Fillamentum@twitter.com PLA in Wizard’s Voodoo

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Honestly, the hardest part of moving from CS/math to robotics so far is accepting "j" instead of "i" for complex numbers.

I know it literally doesn't matter, but everytime I see "j" I have to stop, think "where the hell did that variable come from" and then realize what happened

In this optimization problem "spending money to acquire happiness" doesn't necessarily equate to literal spending (could also be saving, investing, donating, anything one could do with money that might directly or indirectly bring more happiness that unhappiness).

Of course, the trouble with this kind of optimization problem is that its hard to quantify and belabored by tons of second and third and fourth order terms and all that.

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Realized today that the more precise form of "money can't buy happiness" is actually something like "money's purchasing power with regards to happiness decreases marginally as spend increases".

Through that lens, the optimal amount of money to acquire is equal to the point where the marginal unhappiness gained acquiring money equals the marginal happiness gained from spending that money.

computer issues 

@eldaking If the hard drive isn't being detected at all, most likely either the drive is super fucked up (relatively uncommon), or there's a problem with the drive cable or the controller on the motherboard. If you can, try putting in a new drive, check the seating of the cable, swap out the cable if you can, even try out different ports on the motherboard.

I love python, but the module/submodule/import stuff makes me want to scream.

Who thought this was a sane way to do things?

My DnD players keep alternating between "spending 2 hours carefully planning how to approach a dead simple encounter they'll easily win" and "Leroy Jenkins'ing straight to their near doom".

I love it, but it makes balance and pacing an experience, lemme tell ya

Got a MacBook Pro from work this week.

Given how hyped---and how expensive---they are, I honestly thought it'd be...better?

Honestly, the hardware's fine, but this operating system is just...not good for me.

Maybe it'd be better if I was already deep in the Apple Ecosystem, idk.


Ooh boy, yes. Seems like the only good cases are where the decentralized option came first--the internet itself, email, phone and SMS, etc

Love talking with my former-Microsoft-employee dad about tech, because he's got some of the most arcane "grumpy old man" tech opinions.

My favorite from today is "wikis are just a stupid branding gimmick". Whatever that means.

There's a very particular kind of person who beefs with the concept of wikis, and boy is he exactly that kind of person.

Hmm...I'm a bit conflicted on the Copilot "training ML on GPL code is a license violation if Copilot isn't also GPL'd!" discourse.

It kinda seems like everyone's confidently asserting that Copilot MUST be a derivative work, which...doesn't seem as cut and dried to me.

If I, a human being, learned to code using a bunch of GPL code samples, would every piece of code I wrote from then on need to be GPL licensed as a derivative work? If not, why is it different if the computer does it?

The irony of crypto promising to save everyone from hyperinflation, and then accidentally creating a hyperinflating crypto, is not lost on me, I assure you.

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