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Has Hyper-V ever actually helped anyone do anything, or does it only exist to make other things not work on Windows? I swear, WSL2 is great but every time I trip over Hyper-V trying to do something interesting I want to wipe the whole thing and install Linux.

Very cool 5-min video about a robot that builds structures using fibers: Would love to see more theses and academic papers with these kind of summary videos/demos

Let me introduce you to the less well known sibling of

"No ethical consumption under capitalism",

my good friend:

"no unalloyed goods for the poor".

Everything's a tradeoff, and you always seem to be trending towards that dreaded zero line.

Ah, it's because of the whole "replacing emojis with embedded images" thing...

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Funnily enough, Mastodon's parser doesn't seem to like https://🎵, but that's actually a valid url (try it in your browser bar!)

Writing my thesis is fun because two different sections can be "we needed a supercomputer and 6 weeks to crunch this data, here's some relevant statistical results" and "I made some pretty charts on my laptop, see that little bippity bop there? That's probably important".

Jupyter Notebooks have the code and markdown, and can even do rudimentary LaTeX, but no drawing to speak of. OneNote has the drawing and some LaTeX-lite syntax for equations, but no code or Markdown. Various markdown/LaTeX editors exist, but don't support drawings or code (certainly not both).

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I have this dream, of a magical note taking solution that combines the best aspects of OneNote, Markdown, LaTeX, and a computational notebook. Just a workbench where I can write MarkDown (my preferred method of organizing notes), use the really quite fantastic drawing tools that OneNote seems to be unrivaled in, write equations/formal notations without wanting to rip my hair out, and be able to run code.

Celeste is a weird combination of brutal, serene, charming, and challenging. But somehow it works? I was dubious before I started, but I'm definitely seeing that the praise is well deserved.

Took a break from writing my thesis to write some fun nonsense about a programmable mechanical keyboard:

My favorite part of Machine Learning is that there's a thousand ways to do anything, and they're somehow all wrong.

Email alerts from my selfhosted servers and VMs:

Pros - I find out when stuff goes wrong pretty quickly.

Cons - the single long, continous buzz of a storm of incoming notifications is very anxiety inducing while I'm trying to deal with catastrophic failure

I was sitting in my desk, trying to solve the mystery of why my MatLab plot wasn't showing in the screen but wasn't throwing any errors either.
The data seemed ok.
The plot command was fine.
And then I noticed a sneaky line, where it read set("LineWidth", 0.01). I commented that line.

The plot thickens.

Currently LARPing Frostpunk while my apartment's furnace is broke and it's subzero outside. But we made it through the night without the pipes freezing so we'll probably be fine.

@stephaniewalter That's tragic, PWA/SSBs are the only big feature that I miss using Firefox. This seems like a serious misstep

Cool thing of the day: wheel-legged robots

I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more of them in sci-fi depictions of robots. They seem like a natural combination: you get the advantages of both form factors while mitigating their weaknesses.

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