📢 Calling all Guix around the world!

A new release of GNU Guix is coming soon (version 1.2.1). Please test everything you can and report any issues you find 🙂

Release status:

Issue tracker:

@luis_felipe Good idea to make this call!

The drawing is nice and fun, as always! What does the Japanese line mean?

I wonder if it could become the 1.2.1 release illustration… :-)

@civodul Thanks :)

The complete meaning of the image should be available if you hover the cursor over it.

@luis_felipe Oh, I see! The downside of accessing Mastodon from #Emacs is that I miss out on the fancy “multimedia features”. (Yeah it’s a term we’d use to describe non textual things when I was young…)

@civodul As for using it for the release announcement, I wouldn't oppose :)

I will eventually push the source to the artwork repository.

@luis_felipe I like the art. This must be the coolest art for a libre distro ever!

@dthompson I have a collection of apparel and accessories ready with this design. I'll announce it soon :)

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