@Deuchnord "click sur tout accepter" ... je peux avoir le cookie maintenant ?

@CSB Visio lost me with the 2016/Office release. Now using yEd, you may want to look at it yworks.com/yed-live/

@_g at some point, twitter, facebook and all may upset people enough to look for an alternative like mastodon...

@cedric nice, combine an email with + and you're good to go trough
(seen asemica in @skunksarebetter 's toot a minute ago : fosstodon.org/@skunksarebetter )
Or just use zip + password "Q1-accounting.zip"😜

@fribbledom Really today it is needed more than ever : backup is the only way to recover when a ransomware has done it's job.

On Windows10 it's included, on Linux was ever there, on macOS it has cool graphic effects...

@hn100 Well the only things missing from emacs right now is a good text editor 😜

Code quality and security review: having "fun" with sonarqube.org

Turns out that Sonarqube is a million times easyer than what I tought 😍

Maybe even a product owner can use it, and quickly take a big sip of unseen juice 😜

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