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At Tethix, we're looking for Pathfinders, who will help us discover better tech futures through #codesign and #playtesting.

@m3me explains it better on our blog:

And if you'd like to learn more about Tethix, I recently recorded a 12min overview of our story so far:

Excited to continue our exploration adventure! ⛵

#techethics #responsibletech

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As part of my research in #DigitalEthics I collect links to articles and stories related to this topic. All of these are bookmarked with Raindrop and shared publicly.

This means you can access all the links as well as an RSS feed of all my bookmarks.

There are now more than 2000 bookmarks and more added weekly. You’re welcome 😊

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The world is a crazy place right now, and it might feel impossible to make a difference, but we're hoping to encourage more ethical discussions in the workplace with Pledge Works, a practical tool that invites you to write pledges for better outcomes:

Feedback welcome!

#ResponsibleTech #TechEthics

Looking forward to experiencing the increase of diverse content from all the new peeps coming into mastodon and the :)

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@axbom delighted to have you on the fediverse :)

I can recommend a fascinating #ethics adventure in the form of by @ialja and @m3me

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My #introduction :

I’m a #geek who started with the Sinclair ZX81 in 1982. #Swedish but born in #Liberia and have lived in #SaudiArabia and #Tanzania. I studied #CommunicationScience and have worked as #Webmaster, #WebDesigner, #UXDesigner and #WebStrategist. Today I’m a #designer, #coach, #blogger, #podcaster and #teacher with a focus on #DigitalEthics and #ResponsibleInnovation.

Also running a #microblog on that pulls feeds from all my publications. Really happy to be here!

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Hi @communitydata

I'm convinced that modeling a good abstraction of real-world Community would be instrumental in bringing so many fragmented initiatives closer together.

For #Fediverse but also #Solid, #Valueflows and others a stripped down 'micro-ontology' of Groups + Relationships in #LinkedData might be enough to build a "Community has no Boundary" paradigm.

Started to discuss here:

See also e.g. here:

Is this a topic of interest to you?

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Hi #Fediverse

Via @m3me I just discovered this great new #EU initiative that has launched:

Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy

"We provide services, guidance and tools to support the development of socially robust policy through citizen engagement practices."

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Great blog by @m3me about #Occupy movement.

Though I loved being part of it, my experience of Occupy at the time was that is was too much of a "cacophony of different opinions" and therefore unlikely to bring lasting change. Let alone the revolutionary impact that some expected.

But Mat's article made me realize that something unique happened, which until now I didn't fully realize. A thing of incredible beauty. What Occupy brought forth was… People!


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🚨 Opportunity! 🚨

We're looking for a consultant to look at the procurement and use of education technology in schools!

The deadline for applications is 17th July, you can find out more here:

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@hntooter * Peer-to-peer serverless infrastructure [does not need to be] powered by blockchain technology


Wondering if there is anyone that is thinking of the fediverse version of clubhouse/spaces?

Might be worth reaching out to the crew at jam

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hello! i am now taking commissions for freelance video editing work

i have ten years of experience

if you've ever seen that "CYBERPUNK IS NOW" video, i'm the one who made that

you can view my portfolio at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

boosts much appreciated for obvious reasons!!! :boost_ok:

:blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:

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Dear #fediverse and especially #foss and #activitypub tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At #SocialHub we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are #ActivityPub #Interoperability and #FediverseFutures within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!


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