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Made a little groove with , MT power drumkit and Bass through plugin host, dragonfly delay and reverb, built in compressor. Worked out pretty well I think.

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here is a little orchestra patch I wrote. the first version is raw out of the machine (no decca, close mics only), the second after processing (dseq3, some analog love with igs rubberbands me and bereich3 density, valhalla room)

the second part is around 4 db louder due to the analogue treatment. I didn't match gains (yeah, louder is always better ;) as this is not how I would work with material like this. this isn't supposed to be scientific :)

#orchestra #musicproduction #mixing #mastering

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Devlog #10 of HexoSynth, a modular synthesizer written in Rust. Most notable is the release of v0.2.0-alpha-1 (link can be found in the Devlog), which you may try if you like.

Some more Youtube videos are also linked :-)

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I'm playing with adding modulation (in this case FM) to . I have an early prototype; it's fun, opens some new possibilities. Video demo below.

#musicproduction #indiedev

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RT @diyelectromusic
A @Raspberry_Pi based MiniDexed custom IO module.
Just plug in power, audio and MIDI and you have eight DX7 synth engines ready to go!

Here's my first attempt of making a common emitter amplifier circuit. Sounds pretty nice and clean. is quite interesting and educational to work on. :)

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What natural instrument without special knowledge?
I did #xylophone (easy, you have to make one if you haven't tried it yet)
Now a #whistle!
I'm an expert (no), tell me how you did it yourself!
1st try in *Viburnum opulus* (Sambucus or lilac are easy to use too) ⇒ wood too soft for clean bevel but it works.
2nd try: I drill ⌀10 in *Prunus padus* and then sand to make a nice blind pipe.
#flute #diy

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@thorybo for this liveset I used 8 players. each player consists of a cmos chip with a different setup of resitors and condensors. hard to say what of the 8 players made this sound, because the energy for the circuits comes from small photovoltaik panels. a very chaotic system which makes a lot a fun to play with. more info: or or - at least the whole setup is very, very cheap, less than 16.-€!

Made a rope ladder and tried it out today. Secured it over a tree branch and started climbing it and before I knew it, I found myself over 6 meters high above ground. So yeah, I climbed a tree today and it felt good! :)

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Finally it happened: My first EP is released! It's called "Polyaggregate" and on the label Trau-ma. This week exclusively on Bandcamp and from Friday everywhere else. I am so happy!

#consint #techno #electro #ReleaseDay #bandcamp #beatport #Spotify

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My first ever attempt to making a voltage regulator, built in a small pvc box, is finished. DC voltage supply comes from an old laptop powercord. It is capable of regulating voltage between 2.2 and 16.5 Volts. The circuit is build around an LM317T IC. I wonder how long it lasts, maybe it needs some tweaking in the future. So far, I like it! :)

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Free Risers Sample Pack!

I did a #sample pack for #musicians using a modular #synthesizer a while ago.
It's made of 23 Risers for different #music genres.
I hosted it for a while on another platform, and as I'm moving to a more robust solution, I want to share it again with you all #musicians.

The risers are CC0, there's no E-Mail trap, no tracking, nothing. They are entirely free. Click the link, download them, et voilà!

Enjoy, make music
#musicproduction #audio

The story of a autistic man who couldn't speak, but found a way to communicate.

My Story by Gregory C Tino

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Ich arbeite gerade an den Drums für neue Songs. Hier mal ein kleiner Einblick in eine sehr rohe Variante 🥁


I'm working on the drums for new songs. Here's a little insight of a very rough version. 🥁

#music #musicproduction

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A while ago I recorded the #sound of an old metal spring being plucked an I challenged myself to create a complete #song to 100% out of that single sample (which can be heard in its raw form right at the beginning). I ended up making an organ, strings, a synth bass and a percussion set with it. I'd love to get some constructive #feedback on this piece.
#Ableton #Music #MusicProduction

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I'm having problems identifying this little bugger. It says SGS U3713/3 56820. No luck searching for it. #electronics #linkping

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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