Modern ...
Inspired by (sad) reality...

More seriously I am afraid of even having fiends these days. Even if I try hard to protect my privacy everyone else could potentially expose my personal data to awful spies whose services most people use in their everyday lives.

I don't want to live in this society anymore...

@chris fortunately friend circle I am in touch with mostly use IRC, Signal or any other "safe" channels to communicate. But we are rather hardcore nerds so it is not norm. I invited few people in my own Matrix instance too when it was most convenient option.

@madargon I regularly see Y*uTube recommendations on topics my g*ogle phone friends text me about all the time, even when I don’t have a Y*uTube account and use moderate blockers etc

@data is it possible to get Y*uTube recommendations when someone doesn't have account?

*goes to check because haven't use Y*uTube directly for long time...*

@madargon yes if you just visit the site and browse, I’m counting what comes up as a recommendation

@madargon I feel you. Same. but presevere. Fascism was defeated and so will coronafascism

@madargon this sure makes me happy that my phone is AOSP and unable to connect to any services outside of itself.

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