When I was with my friend group on overlook on low mountain, someone found few points in their app. So we started going down the hill to found them.
One of my friends and me both use c:geo, but her app uses Maps, mine something like .
She asked me to enable satelite view, I didn't know if it was possible. She clicked something on my phone, it tried to connect Google Maps and failed with "cannot find Google Services".
She said: How can you live like this?! 😂

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@madargon When I was on on Thasos island in Greece we rented cars to go for a trip on the interior. The salesman told us to be ware of #Google Maps, because at one place it's misdirecting everyone. I used #openstreetmap app #OsmAnd and it was super accurate. Even on the roads that required 4 wheel drive (we were prepared for this). When returning cars I recommended OsmAnd to the salesman and he seemed quite interested.

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