I don't know what to think about this telemetry thing in Plasma: I can unterstand why the KDE people want to know on which hardware Plasma is running. On the other hand, it remains telemetry.🤔

What we can learn from Plasma telemetry

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@datenteiler Sometimes I wonder if we should think ANY telemetry is bad.. If we block even foss programs' data collecting wouldn't it slow down development? And later many people complain about open source/free software as "forever unfinished", "underdeveloped", "unfit for casual users" and chose "beter" corporate products...
Of course I think about technical usage statistics, reading personal data is always awful.

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@madargon @datenteiler I agree with you so much on this. How do we trust those who need the data to be good stewards though? Is it even possible with such an incentive to abuse it?

The code is open for a reason, no one is interested in sellingvor buying data about which packages people have installed or what caused a crash.
@madargon @datenteiler

@aladar @chris @madargon @datenteiler butting in, I don't think telemetry is a bad thing by itself as long as the code is open source, you know what kind of data is gathered, the gathering part is transparent about it (i.e. letting users know) and users always have the choice to disable it. In my opinion plasma checks all the boxes

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