Sad illustration...
I had first vision for this after reading some chapters of "Permanent Record".

The internet we remembered from 20 years ago has died anyway.

Most people (except like here) have disappeared from the web into closed mobile messengers groups, not even events or social meetups can be found anymore.

@madargon The left panel actually made me legitimately nostalgic. I feel even angrier than before now, and I am basically angry about corporations literally 24/7

@brother I didn't have internet access before 2008. And before going to the University I used computer mostly for games - and as an outsider not interested in mainstream lifestyle I didn't have any reason to live online. So I didn't experience "original" internet personally. I got to know that mostly from books and stories heard from tech people. I only remember immortal rule "don't use real names and publish photos" from my childhood. I think parents should teach their children this nowadays.

@madargon Definitely. The "nothing to hide" narrative needs to die.

I got an Internet connection in 1997. None of us knew this ridiculous clown circus was coming. Fuck.
@madargon will you take a few ADS and NFTs to enhance the view?

@marud 😅
The most "anti-forgery" thing I thought of was adding some QR code made of my nickaneme checksum to my drawings. Oh, I publish with CC license anyways 😁 Maybe I could try QR codes with "links to more", e.g. my ArtStation account or something 😄
So, Internet became disgusting year ago, so now, with NFTs, it's time for making b**ch from cryptography... Sad times...

@madargon Caption: Internet at the beginning. Person riding a bird over green pastures with people camping and having fun everyehere. Internet now. Same person carrying shoulder bag on a stick walking through a PoW style camp with a welcome sign, trip wires, holes, and security cameras.

So wellcome to everybody who deceided to be part of the solution and not beeing part of the problem!
I miss in the picture the Asterix perspective: The whole country is occupied....🔎 ..oh no, there is a small part....!

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