@Ch003 Yes, you can. Every way to learn society about end-to-end encryption and value of privacy is good.

@madargon Adding a little adhesive tape to the area where you want to drill will prevent the explosion.

…what do you mean by “you ruined the metaphor”?

@madargon pretty neat, but the metaphor changes a bit when you know that you can in fact make a small hole in the top part where the rubber is the thickest and the air will sift out slowly instead of bursting the whole balloon

@lukas As a child I always accidentally bursted balloons, even without sharp objects 😅


I'd argue that, in fact, this fact makes the metaphor even more precise.

In the long run, all backdoors are discovered by enough people that corporations have to close them to prevent bad PR.

But in the meamwhile, backdoors get exploited by bad actors that pretend to be good (intelligence agency, and "security corporations).

All you need it the hole to be small enough that nobody notice it for a while.

At times I feel sad for all those engineers at #NSA that got their backdoors overwritten by bitcoin miners by script kiddies after #log4j became a viral meme.

And by "sad" I mean... ROTFL! 🤣

Anyway, great comics, @madargon!

@stubbornphoenix @Tutanota @session @briar As I remember not so long time ago Tutanota published on their accounts something about blocking law which could force backdoors in encrypted services.

@madargon @Tutanota @session @briar Yeah! I read it when they had published it. I agree with their take. I was just suggesting your “illustrated example” to them as a way to share such a straightforward and easily comprehensible representation.

@stubbornphoenix @Tutanota @session @briar Every way to promote encryption is good. For me cryptography isn't only tool to use, it has also some philosophical meaing - it's about "truth without doubt", trust, honesty and authenticity, about "integrity as a full whole" - I don't have even good words for this idea 😅 I despise backdoors not only because it would destroy protection, but it would be "corruption of truth" and betrayal of trust.

@madargon This is an awesome comic, well done! :) Here is our take on the ongoing crypto wars: tutanota.com/crypto-wars/

thank you. I am somewhat engaged in this subject last 2 years. Looking for articles, resources and trying out various secure services.

Is it bad that I know how to do this without popping the balloon...? 😅

@TerryHancock As long as you don't work for government agencies it is not too bad 😁

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