Polish celebrate

Christ's Grave decorations - LBGT and Women Strike activists' photos, depicted as embodiment of evil in this context. Empty beer bottles and cans, next to them protective suit and empty packages from vaccines (big share of Polish religious fanatics and priests is also covid-sceptic).
Text: "How I kill Jesus"
It is terrifying how these toxic fanatics (unfortunately it becomes mainstream in Polish Catholicism) use in sick and disgusting ways.

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@madargon I feel you. My close relative is also deep into religion. Now she's denying covid severity (not denying it at all, but saying it's nothing more than seasonal flu) and that it's to scare us and force into buying vaccines. She also told me recently that Elon Musk is creating starlink to control information. But "best" of all was "I'm against conspiracy theories, but it all makes sense".

@etam @madargon The last part sounds like the classic "I'm not racist but..."

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