Drew this for my friend who sent me article about Australian fighting against anonymity in the internet and made few bitter jokes (this was his vision).

For last several months I often try to imagine living in a country with password disclosure laws. I wonder if I would bo brave enought to defend my privacy, and go to jail for keeping my password to myself... if I would be brave enough to sacrifice myself for my values.

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@madargon I honestly barely care about this anymore

people are locked in their homes, only allowed to leave when the government gives them "permission" and the population is forced to take known toxic injections

Australia is so far beyond the point of no return the only hope for those imprisoned there is to get out, and a password disclosure law (in itself a reason to get out) or two doesn't really matter anymore.. it's like one among a thousand cuts

@madargon Wow! 😳psw disclosure laws…
Yes. If the mass public realizes that digital privacy is a problem, then it’s not bad yet at least 😂

At least we don't have this awful law in Poland.
Most people still can't see problem with online privacy. When I try to warn someone about using not encrypted messaging apps they answer "we only talk about not important crap". To change something society has to declare that reading private messages by companies or other entities is disgusting and evil. Unfortunately the majority currently thinks this sick reality is completely normal.

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