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how is the smartphone war now being fought on laptops (apple vs qualcomm)

hot take: the solution to the trolley problem is to avoid having to solve it entirely

it is my belief that C is the only programming language

people will complain about something that is widely known and literally industry standard and suggest an alternative that is super obscure, has a lot of useless features that basically amount to buzzwords, and only works on netbsd

deepin is so scuffed in so many ways but i like the look of it

maybe it's just me but leftism feels like a really hostile community

it feels like i know people way less well on fedi than i did on twitter
like, no one ever talks to me on here lmao

using a google font through @import url wont do any like tracking right
unless it will in which case i hate google even more than usual

what are some good accounts to follow that wont softblock me for being too young or whatever

dear liberals: if java doesn't have pointers, then why do i keep getting a NullPointerException

remember when mojangsoft/nvidia sponsored like all of minecraft youtube to promote minecraft rtx (based on bedrock)

@maemiddlename i mean, the highways are literally 4 lanes wide for the entire 40 miles out and does it really need to be that long if you make it free or something

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i think it would be really cool if people used light rail more

like in my city the only mass transit into the city is heavy rail diesel trains that have to yield to freight trains that own the rails

is under 1k reasonable for an error page (which includes the html and style block)

the way i see it, the only benefit of hyperloop is the 60Hz hum it would probably make, which sounds really nice, but then again, i'm pretty sure any train that uses AC motors would have that too so yeah

elon musk please just...give up

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