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In this world of people screaming at eachother, maybe we need more weed. I think we can solve the world problems when we are stoned.

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If you need something from me, you can always find me. How? Well, if you look good enough you'll find clues all on the internet. So test you knowledge about hacking, and go and find me!

Speaking English with a France girl, trough teams while being in the Dutch part of the Benelux.


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You could chose for a big and cheap hosting company where you are a number or....

...pick a smaller supplier that cares about every single customer! We don’t charge extra, we offer extra free help and support♥️

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Was appimage, snap and flatpak really necessary? Why don't we just provide static binaries?

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I have the feeling my day is just starting right now. I don't know why, I can just feel it.

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PARKOUR! (Changing PfP for the second time today)

Yep. I was right. This day became quite shitty and quite good at the same time. Really relaxed, but because of that also very boring.

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Wow, this man is cool! :coolcat: He means well with his paintings and has a very strong point..!

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People still store their most private things and backups and files movies photos mails and more on Google although they can access everything of it and do whatever they feel like with it....

Googles money making is 85 to 90 percent from ads and for successful ads u need data and as much as possible.

Now figure the rest of the story.

@stux If you are awake: good morning! Give your cats a good hug!

Just created a Odysee (LBRY network) account, because why not? It works flawlessly, is fast and has some of my favorite creators uploading to it.

This day is gonna be either very good or very shitty. Something big is gonna happen, either for the world of for me. I don't know why, but I can just feel it coming this morning.

Using F-Droid and only FOSS apps again, because I can.

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