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Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

Exactly, why is this happening and why are so called 'liberals' and/or progressives allowing this to happen?! FFS, wake up people!

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Have you checked out the latest release of Tails? You should! It brings new versions of a lot of the software included in Tails, plus new OpenPGP tools.

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Workbench now supports the #Vala programming language for learning and prototyping #GTK

Thanks to Lorenz Wildberg !

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someone’s beautiful plantings of irises all bloomed in the past few days

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That’s right, it’s time! This week it’s all about ~exoplanetary habitability~

What does habitability really mean? Do we know of any habitable ? How will we be able to study them now and in the future?

Follow along for answers to these questions and more!

(fair warning, this will be a long thread. the threaded posts are unlisted as a best practice, but you can still boost them)

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a boost from birdsite, uspol, libraries/archives 

boosting thread

They're gonna come for libraries and books even harder than they ever had before. Y'all better get ready.

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while EU is drafting a new law for #chatcontrol,
Briar remains p2p, protects your social graph by using Tor by default and uses e2ee (end to end encryption) for every message by default.
Learn more about Briar:

Unfortunate #Briar is currently only available for #android.

A desktop client is in an active development and a beta version is already available for testing.
get Briar Desktop beta:

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When Margaret Atwood was writing “The Handmaid’s Tale,” she sometimes wondered if her novel, revolving around a fictional theocracy in which enslaved women are forced to bear children, was too far-fetched.

“Silly me,” she writes now…

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Verdammt. 🙄 Immer noch Mittwoch...
Artist: in - City : , , UK 🇬🇧 (01/2022) - Title : "Overload" -

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Hey, my boyfriend @TheHottestPotato is looking for programming work either remote or in the area of Richmond, KY. Has a lot of experience with Linux and Python as well as working with raw posix interfaces in C. Would prefer systems or embedded development, but is flexible and willing to work in anything except web3/crypto/ai/big data.
If you have any info feel free to dm me or him for his email.
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Spotted a nice building mural yesterday while out riding. From east end, Toronto, on the Council Fire building.

An excellent read, especially for those that think they know what's going on!

Michael Brenner on the High Risks of Cultivated Ignorance –

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