Snicker, yeah right β€” if it was the real one, he wouldn't shut up β€” Not have 0 toots! 😎 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

I do agree. It has to be legally and not by the social media companies themselves β€” It's a slippery slope.

Followup video from the same man. This is from the Birdsite. Seems some commenters on his post are saying he shouldn't be treated ... Don't agree of course. I hope the best for him!

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Still think COVID-19 is a conspiracy? So did this man, then he ended up in ICU suffering from it and he has this to say.

Played by an Israeli actor who served in her country's military who mistreats Arabs in their own country aka . Too ironic.

I truly hope folks are aware or become aware that Amnesty International isn't what they say they are. Lots of evidence that they follow a neoliberal agenda and support Empire. There's also been occasions where they've allegedly worked with the NATO spook agencies. For real!

I guess by now, everyone is hearing that is not going to be extradited to the US!

This made me smile β€” anyone that has kitties understands that they like the weirdest toys/things.

Hey this is Friday, here is a recommended account to follow:


This is junior, he's planted firmly between my keyboard and monitor. Clearly he doesn't think I should be using it at the moment. 🐱

Yes indeed β€” they just can't stop interfering but should tidy up their own house first! Not an example to follow these days!

It is crazy! But then we know the government wants to spin this to their advantage.

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