My name is Julio, and I’m here and also in the other SocioDigital Networks.
Just looking for people to follow and talk to.
I like programming, computers, video games, bitcoin, philosophy, zen, mistics and many other.
Send me book recommendations, art accounts and good memes
Toot at me :P

@patpatchan You mean stand up for a colour revolution planned by the USA! Fuck off, tool.

@dammn Does 'Fish' behave like Bash? I'm all for colour but do like bash.

@TiffyBelle His epitaph β€œHe was spineless but consistentβ€πŸ˜…

Anyone here uses Patron as a creator/developer? I myself used to use it to make micro-payments to some software creator(s). No longer. A story about Patreon here:

Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Ashutosh Pandey and Kirill Okhotnikov #glibc for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU

Check out our brand new animated video, "Fight to Repair," which illustrates why it's crucial to allow users to view, change, and fully control the software they use, including in "autonomous" vehicles. Share with #FighttoRepair!

Tomorrow, @FoxCahn of Electronic Frontier Alliance member @STOPSpyingNY will be joining @Ashoka for a webinar, discussing the need to update the social contract for the digital age.

@overunder Just begging for the human to go for it ... Look at the glint in the pups eyes. πŸ˜€

@soulbouquet @BasedCoomer Moderation is censorship! And it should not be their right to do so when any company reaches the size and influence that Facebook has. They will and have abused it. Then the issue becomes one of public policy! I simply don't care what is legal now - this needs to be sorted now, country by country. Maybe splitting up theae large social media companies into smaller entities is in the public interest.

@soulbouquet @BasedCoomer
Obviously the law needs tweaking, if only bc Social Media wasn't a thing when the laws governing free speech were drafted. The power of the algorithms to, is something that needs looking at. Facebook realized early on that controversy sells…! 2/2

@soulbouquet @BasedCoomer
Sure Twitter was within its rights as the law stands now, but the point I'm attempting to make is that it probably shouldn't. Then we seemingly have Facebook, Twitter working in unison. Another red flag! But we shouldn't want social networks doing moderation themselves - look at what happened to Ron Paul on FB yesterday! 1/2

@MarioZambeli Actually I shouldn't make that an absolute β€” but I doubt that they would support AQ being that it is a Sunni Terrorist org. In Syria the Shia's and Sunni's are killing each other. Both AQ & ISIS are Sunni Terrorist groups. They hate Iran and are bankrolled by the Gulf States, which are in competition with Iran for influence.

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