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I learned something tonight — this is from 2016 and features University of Toronto big brain Geoffrey Hinton amongst others. But this being the 5 years state of AI past, is what 'yours truly' had been thinking was current, is the scary part … if you feel me.

What Are Good For? | The Agenda — YouTube

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Another perspective on Biden's Foreign Policy Towards Afghanistan 

Biden Is Not Ending The 'Forever Wars'. He Is Preparing The Path To New Ones.

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Interesting take on these increasingly popular apps.

Top 6 Apps: Are They Safe? | ExpressVPN Blog

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Some excellent commentary from the famous US journalist Chris Hedges. I don't use the term journalist, loosely, either!

Chris Hedges: The Price of Conscience — Hale Sentenced to 45 Months – Consortiumnews

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So the #kDrive app is in #FDroid. Nice to see. This is the way business should be.

For the unaware, #kDrive is #Infomaniak's “cloud” storage service, based on #Nextcloud except that it actually works. Cheaper and, relatively speaking, with more legal certainty than the crap from #GAFAM.

Having a client app that has run (with caveats) #FDroid's gauntlet is quite a plus. I might subscribe.


kDrive (The most secure cloud in #Europe for SMEs and private individuals.) -

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I deleted my Facebook account 8 years ago. I'm grateful that past me made that decision. Future you will be grateful if you delete yours too.

Congratulations are in order! 🥂
Internet Archive 25th Anniversary — Universal Access to All Knowledge

From 2018, but of course still relevant today, especially for those that believe the Russian Election Interference saga. (It's B$ people, you're being lied to.) America needs an enemy to rally the commons!

The Media War On Truthful Reporting And Legitimate Opinions

China, USA politics 

*U.S. - China Talks Point To A Longer Conflict*
It (USA) will use all means to take advantage of China where it can, while restricting China in those fields were it can no longer compete with it. The Chinese reject that approach. The U.S., they say, should not see China as an enemy. It should stop lecturing China, accept it as an equal and cooperate with it in all fields.

Read more at: Moon of Alabama

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