@marilynlover Marilyn Monroe you're so sexy. Many men want to be with you enjoying what sexual pleasures you can give to them. 😍

@audreylover You can get from me what you want. I'm available woman. People who wanted to destroy me for that are just stupid. They gave Audrey Hepburn a status of an icon while Audrey was just beautiful and not sexy at all. Plus such women like Audrey are not accessible to everyone because they are family women with strong moral values. But I'm not and will never be. I'm enjoying being sexy and incredibly arousing to men with my feet, legs and curves. Who doesn't like it might better piss off.

@marilynlover And you still think I have no sex appeal which is also wrong. Everyone who would watch Breakfast At Tiffany's would disagree. But I agree that you have more sex appeal as a sex symbol yourself. 😉💯

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