@audreylover Okay do what you want to do, Marilyn will still be an icon. Don't much care about you, Audrey. 🙄

@longinusjanitus Like it or not, I'd prefer to stay on Mastodon 😃

@longinusjanitus Like it or not, I'd prefer to stay on Mastodon 😃

@longinusjanitus @plumatada Because Audrey is not as well-known as my idol, boo boo. Publicity and those alleged sex scandals are what made me famous even more than your fave. Bye!

@longinusjanitus Wishing death to America and criticizing anything American? Well, Europe ain't better and they will find hard to make their own autonomy. America is now experiencing very hard economic, social and political crisis but it will be resolved faster than you might imagine.

@longinusjanitus Don't worry mate, this film is not cancelled yet and still in preservation by the Library of Congress. How good no one destroyed your movie, doesn't it? I bet if this movie was played by me, it wouldn't result in such disgrace like Mickey Rooney playing Asian character. Yes download this movie while it's possible. 😃

@longinusjanitus Yes I agree with that, although Truman Capote wanted me to play his main heroine's part in film. It was Blake Edwards who chose Hepburn for the part, trimmed the original script and gave White actor Mickey Rooney a Japanese role which is now disturbing to Asian people. The film was claimed one of the most racist ever and Asian-American community wanted to cancel its screenings not once. Sadly you're still defending this film and your Audrey because you have no heart 💔

@longinusjanitus Really wish I could visit this country 🇨🇵 Audrey has double-crossed me really in this 🙄 So sad 😢

@longinusjanitus Why you don't lament my death 🤔 Yet film about Audrey is so touchy for you 🙄 You have no heart 💔

ableist language / PSA 

@honeylemonbutt@kolektiva.social Agreed so much 😊💯

@longinusjanitus My favorite beautiful country named America, her wild prairies, wild parties and beautiful sunsets will always be in my mind.

I had a rare hour to myself, and I decided to use it drawing! Normally my drawings happen over several stolen 10 minutes.

Here's another of Marilyn's candid shots.

Thus live turned out great (for the time) , but it was difficult striking a balance between the lightness of her hair, and not adding too much detail to describe the chaotic curls.

#MastoArt #sketch #pencil #marilynmonroe

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