Cleaning out the shop today. Need to get a shed built as I realize I don't have the room for my big toys and a photography studio in the same space.

As promised since my last nude pic got over 50 rts.

In this pic I'm braving a public trail in my birthday suit. To be honest, this trail is very rarely traveled by anybody.

Best way to relax when nobody is home. I just hope the neighbors can't spot me through my fence.

If this gets 50 retweets I'll post another nude pic I think u will like.

Old age is catching up to me. I'd say my metabolism slowed down & working from home hasn't helped one bit.

Please reply with tips to help me lose this I have gained! Feel free to retweet as well.

Apparently 9/12/2016 is the last time I changed the rear brakes on my based off this picture. I plan to replace whatever is squeaking this winter and get it fully ready for 2021.

I may go riding this Saturday with a good friend of mine.

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To save money I have decided to terminate my last instance. I have no interest to keep using the platform as I have very little interaction with anybody on it. will be shutdown on 9/5/2020

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We are back at it again with a new foster child. Going to be severely limiting what I post on social media just cuz I don't need people breathing down my neck thinking I'm doing wrong when I'm not. Sub to ✌️

I've been less inclined to post daily on social media as it allows people to "keep tabs" on me & know exactly what I'm doing at any given time. So like my shop, I'll be making some changes.

Issue with moving here is only 4 of my previous followers migrated over and only 118 I can follow due to blocks. I may have to rethink this..

My name is Matt, I am 39 and live in Iowa with my gf and kids.

I run a photography business called Snap Geek Photography @snapgeek.

I used to run several mastodon instances but quit due to time/energy required. So for the time being I'll be here.

I'm also a at heart so you may see some nude photos of me here.


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