what do you think where to move my code

My computer seems just a little bit faster with instead of PulseAudio

Github, step it up! 500 internal server errors, come on.

I couldn't get audio, wifi, and sleep working, so I was ordered to get a Linux distro on there.

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Repaired a computer for someone and got neon on it. Also transfered all of their files from Windows back over to the new OS.

I had to install a bunch of stuff so they could actually use the thing, but the customer loves it.

The people who work on are doing a great job making a great user experience. It's the best desktop environment out there. Keep up the kool work @kde and contributors.

FOSS Legal Music Streaming Idea:
FOSS music player that indexes songs from servers hosted by record companies. In order to stream the music, one must go to their website and pay for it, and access will be granted.

We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua for illustrating the reasons. sachachua.com/blog/

waka's queue function, working like a charm! I think Arch users will love this.

Of course, waka can also check the status of current package operations. waka will be used as the default and recommended package manager on Sapphire GNU/Linux. Another project started a while ago is FastLBRY Manager, which is a program to manage and launchs FastLBRY instances. It will be issued from the commandline but can also will have a yad-powered GUI. I have not worked on this much, but I will work on it.

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I'm working on some new projects. Recently I've been working on a program called waka, which is an AUR helper and pacman frontend with OpenSUSE's zypper syntax. It also will have the ability to do license checks, meaning you could have a fully free Arch based system and still use the AUR. Also, waka does not do package tasks from the main command. Instead, it inserts package operations in a sqlite database, which the wakad daemon will read and do the specified operations in order.

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