We're not winning until the free competitors are better options then the non-free competitors.

I don't want to compare gimp against Photoshop. It's only comparable against about 5% of the feature set. In 2004 I did all my homework on gimp. It hasn't changed much since. And unlike
@thelinuxEXP says in his video, Gimp DOES have a terrible UI and UX. Attempts like gimpshop only go so far. I really want to say that gimp single-handed wins the award for most overrated Linux application. Imagemagick on cli is more usable.

Tomorrow, Richard Stallman will be speaking about the #freesoftware movement and your freedom. His speech will be nontechnical and admission is gratis. Online at 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC) u.fsf.org/3i-

@sexybiggetje @thelinuxEXP With enough modifications to GIMP, it can be made better. It's how freedom software obviously is. I think PhotoGIMP is a project that is working on this issue, but I haven't used it and therefore do not have a opinion on it.

@sexybiggetje @thelinuxEXP Literally a dark secret of the freedom software community. As someone who has used both GIMP and Photoshop extensively, I can say for certain that Photoshop is a far better option for raster graphics. Photoshop has substantially more features and power than GIMP. Yes, GIMP is extensible and plugins are available to replace lost features, but even that is a pain. It's not hopeless as you may think though.

As long as people call Gimp workable the world is lost. I'm a great fan of inkscape tho 😂. But gimp needs to disappear, it's literally a bag of hurt to use.

matthewevan.xyz/ will be offline for this week as I'm on vacation. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Oh sweet daddy boy I sure can't wait for all my program's theming to look different on Linux.

I wrote my mission down.

I read it over and over again.

My mission is improving.

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