Ich mag die neutrale Berichterstattung von @gruenderszene die ganz ohne Framing und Clickbait auskommt. 🤨

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When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

RT @vuokko
In Finnish we don’t have gendered pronouns.

These translations from our gender-neutral language into English reveal a lot of bias in the world and in tech RT @annabrchisky: Maailma ei ole vielä valmis. Eikä ole teknologiakaan.

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Holy cow: 10% of the village of Corzano 🇮🇹 has the variant—10% of all residents! 60% of cases are kids from kindergarten and primary school, other 40% are their parents, says the mayor. Schools in the village now closed. ansa.it/amp/lombardia/notizie/

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A lawyer using Zoom had to let a judge know that he wasn’t a cat after inadvertently activating a face filter

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I cannot express just how much I love these

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It has to be the Homebrew terminal profile though,

so it looks like I’m escaping the Matrix

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When your code is a mess but it somehow still works.

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