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Learned a new comic-making/story telling technique and testing it out using index cards. Out on a run, a runner encountering a cryptid and challenged to a tennis match

Made a scale template to illustrate how measure up to an average human. Throws you for a loop huh?

Went to Japanese-style store a few days ago. Got a storyboard notebook, exercise band and cute mini-dustpan. I was in heaven. Mini versions of stuff drives me wild!

New Amazed I've made so many. Blown past the point where I'd just run out of ideas. The 60th has already been inked ๐ŸŒž

Sometimes I forget the amount of things I make but never finish. Itโ€™s more a compulsion at this point. A maddening one.

Know what's not fun? The generic "despite of your impressive CV and excellent qualifications, we decided to proceed with another candidate." Over and over again. It's become soul-deadening at this point. Like do I have any talent?

Newest batch of# dotbots. Have a thing of with little tiny robot feeties. They actual all have a spooky design undercurrent. Can you guess what each one is?

Got this email this morning, still chuffed about it. Gaddamn ridiculous. A contest to get a chance at an interview and gift card? I hate the world. Usually I keep quiet about this stuff and move on. But it irked me in a way I didn't know I could get. They forgot they bcc'd us so I replied how disrespectful and gross this practice was. Several other artists also spoke up

Watched ep7 of Lovecraft Country and have never related so much to a character than Hippolyta's arc. Damn.

Modeling a warehouse for another comic (to help me figure the space) rendered in Eevee. Still have to add more objects and materials to complete it but I like it right now.

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It's autumn!! I know yinz need some cool and fashionable accessories you can pin to your fluffy scarves and sweaters! Consider getting a Beetle Bud as an autumnal pal! FREE US SHIPPING!

#herculesbeetle #beetle #stagbeetle #jewelry #pin #brooch #bugs #kawaii #cute #pink #chibi #cartoon #fashion #decora #MastoArt

Been taking a break from socials. Working on concept art for two comic projects, , Godot gamesl(s) and reconsidering my project/Patreon has really taken it out of me. I know I'm burnt out but ADHD doesn't really let me sit still. Literally have to ALWAYS BE DOING SOMETHING!

I want a jigsaw cuz I have poor impulse control & like to build stuff. And cut stuff in a zigzag

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