Mock-up of the children's book I recently finished. Awaiting printing but wanted to see what it would like in the meantime. Can't wait to properly start pitching new ones

So I finally made myself a logo and now it's in 3D! This is ridiculous and I love it

No, I didn't buy strawberries for texture reference. That's ridiculous! Slander and libel

This has to be the most "realistic" rock I've made so far. Been having a creative explosion lately. Don't know if it's because I'm finishing a project or the pure unrelenting boredom of quarantine is pushing something deep in me to continue creating. It's for a video no will ever see haha

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Brooklyn Bird, the protagonist of . Always imagined this scene would take place somewhere in the midpoint of the narrative. He's gone through so many trials at this point and gearing up for a tournament. He's mastered a few spells and really coming into his magical and investigative skills. So, as one does when they acquire new confidence, they get that DRIP. Stunting on anyone who dares look in his direction.

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Here is a list of online bookshops that sell DRM-free e-books, digital comics and magazines, usually in multiple formats for any of your favourite devices.

There's a bunch of anatomical errors but I dont care. First thing in a while where the inking don't feel flat, akin to the initial sketch. Have to remember to keep inking as a continuous process where I can refine it. Basically treat it like an active part of the drawing and not a precious final version.

Re-relearning how to correctly rig models using a friend's OCs. Ultimately I want to animate these. Hope my 6 yr old computer won't conk out

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It's a good thing I never became an architect or carpenter, the structural integrity of this roof is iffy

Partly abstract portrait . Had fun with this one. Drew some of the abstract designs in ink, then scanned in. Still in a funk. I think digital art is partly to blame. The other part is the... Y'know...

Soft launch of my new store. I'm consolidating my designs to be on this new store as 3rd party sites are becoming to much hassle. They'll still be on those sites for a bit, but by the end of May, they will be shuttered. Also take advantage of the 15% coupon on everything!

Does anyone know how to print on glass? I was thinking linocuts but curved surfaces might be a problem

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