Wonderful news. Brave browser takes step toward enabling a faster, more secure web, but more importantly, a decentralized web, to perfectly compliment decentralized social media platforms like Mastodon.


Good read. I've been using Brave for awhile now. Very curious about , how it works and it's security.

Agreed. I've been enjoying the switch from Chrome over to Edge, but this makes me more curious about Brave.

I was initially more into looking at Dissenter, a fork of Brave but with some features I like and others I didn't like from Brave left out, but apparently the development and updating/security may not be as competent. Brave gets updated all the time, Dissenter wasn't for a while now


Never heard of Dissenter. Cool name though.

Yes, my favorite feature is the ability to comment on any and every URL with any others using Dissenter, regardless of if that page's comments are locked/restricted/blocked in any way.

Very anti-censorship, regardless of the kind of restriction (private/individual/corp or public/govt/state/fed)

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