If these legislators actually were worried about their free speech rights on here they’d just create their own platform to communicate with their constituents. Oh wait.

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Apple Orchard: Hey do you want apple juice?

Adults: No that is for kids

Apple Orchard: *crossing out 'juice'* I meant cider

Adults: Oh yeah fuck me up

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so we’re agreed that the are going to murder us right?

kinda mad that it’s come up so fast

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9 more days until Halloween!!!

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The Web 2.0 version of “waiting for the webpage to load” is just “waiting for all the webworkers and the tracking cookies to finish calling home to crack your pseudonymous identity in order to serve ads and finally free up the bandwidth for the text”

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idk the joke but the punchline is a meeting of the mimes

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The U.S., which literally can't keep the lights on for millions of its citizens and may be sowing the next recession's seeds with a very risky gas buildout, is on the brink of once again failing to codify a climate plan into law -- and it's barely a blip in our public discourse.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but leave Alec Baldwin alone (in this and only this circumstance)

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Me: I’m hungry

My fridge: I have lots of tasty food inside if you wanna cook somet—-

Me: not like that

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calling out of work tomorrow with havana syndrome

literally the best part

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Who is eating this part of the Chex mix…

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