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"Capping the price of insulin would indeed be a seismic achievement .. Unfortunately, what’s actually included in the legislation isn’t a price cap at all, but rather an insurance copay cap" @nataliesurely@twitter.com

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extensive testing confirms the most feared scenario has come true: it's monday

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Report: Majority Of Psychological Experiments Conducted In 1970s Just Crimes bit.ly/3FA6Qo4

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No more iconic diss track than “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Just dragging the hell out him line after line.

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cats are coming out with a new way to kick litter all over the apartment

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Bring back independent blogs and personal websites.

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Just a FYI, George Jetson is going to be conceived this weekend.

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Really been pushing the limits on “how many hours can I spend in bed per day” lately

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Replyguy who thinks you would be really good friends with some of the other girls he replies to

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that thing you like is bad you are a bad person for liking that thing vote for us

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It’s incredible that giant companies think showing me an ad for their product in the middle of a show I like will make me buy fucking anything

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pretty cool how the @Saints@twitter.com defense is bending but not breaking

brushing up and marx and engels to prepare for dinner tomorrow

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If you die in the hyperloop you die in real life

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are there actually people out there celebrating pilgrims for this holiday? literally have not talked to another adult about pilgrims since 4th grade. pretty sure it’s ok to just make every day as enjoyable as you can for yourself and others and leave it at that.

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