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"old music is so much better than what we have these days"

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fantastic breasts and where to find them

has anyone done that one yet?

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TIL that a lot of heatsinks are made with a process called 'skiving', which basically means 'scraping' fins out of the base material.

I always thought they were milled or extruded!

Original video: youtube.com/watch?v=6PUk0m3bIS

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pay off credit cards
pay off car
pay off house
fully fund the kids’s “college or whatever” accounts
long-needed house repairs and renovations

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Serious question: what would be the first five things you’d do if you had Elon Musk’s money? And I don’t mean just selflessly: like, if you have debt, paying it off is a serious answer. But what?

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@RadishHarmers@twitter.com "feeling more and more like a bystander" is a perfect way to describe it

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y’all ain’t going nowhere. anyway hmu on mastodon

i guess we have his answer on the tabs vs. spaces debate

twitter seems to have an inflated impact on the political discourse given that such a small percentage of the electorate are actually users. idk

have we had the top ramen implies bottom ramen discourse yet? did i miss it?

alanis’ ironic in the style of shatner’s rocket man

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What fedi software are you using right now?

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