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Given the brutal simplicity of the actual test (still deleting the occasional conspiracy theorist comment from here: youtu.be/AERyetmR7FY) this is an absolutely disgusting waste of electronics in the name of installing data-harvesting apps on your phone. twitter.com/netspooky/status/1

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"UFOs are just billionaires from other planets"

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today was a rough day - i just want to work on linux and have somebody else deal with some of this stuff

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Guy who has only seen The Boss Baby, watching his second movie: Getting a lot of 'Boss Baby' vibes from this...

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Teachers warn students, "Wikipedia is not a source!" But @noUpside@twitter.com sees the site as a beacon of hope amid rampant distrust: Wikipedia "meets the needs of the moment: the incorporation of a wide swath of voices [and] transparency about who is saying what."

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“Reason there are currently any climate provisions in Biden's infrastructure package is because of "chattering leftists” the NYT & fellow travelers are telling to pipe down” & be grateful.
EXCELLENT reply by @KateAronoff@twitter.com to ridiculous @nytimes@twitter.com editorial
newrepublic.com/article/163026 t.co/iyyLxfn28N

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I setup bitlbee in Docker on my NAS and signed into to Twitter and my hard dives got busy as hell and stayed busy.

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did you know that "Shaggy defense" is an actual name for a legal defense strategy used in court?

Now you do


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Fourth unsolicited mail from someone trying to pitch their application security solution, and it starts with "I'm beginning to feel like I'm annoying you" and I'm begging you all to never do this

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We'd never tell anyone how to budget their money, but........

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Space flight is cool. This Bezos launch still smelled like a LARP

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being in your 30s is just texting “are u awake?” to people at 6 AM because you went to bed at 9 and not because you are still up

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