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i don’t like juggling i just can’t afford to drop the ball

hey i won’t be able to watch the games tomorrow can you send me the mp4s today?

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You learn something new everyday. How to commit parts of a file at a time with .

if i was on the defense i just would just not let the runners get past the yellow line

The top three news influencers for are,, Analyzed by wow wtf

me after ace ventura


me walking out of the theatre after seeing a life changing movie



my feelings are that i hate yesterday me, but my actions are as if i hate tomorrow me


RT Toto: Okay Michael, I'm sending you an email...


twinkle twinkle little star : abcdefg :: our country tis of thee : god save the queen

imagine apologizing for another adult swearing couldn’t be me


the Microsoft Word doc when you move an image one (1) mm


this has got to be the worst start for in a good while right?

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