Ten years ago, on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, I recorded a vlog that ended up being shown in school classrooms. Ten years on, I feel it's still pertinent. Check it out: kolektiva.media/w/4ZzZnKsBSD9x #911

"On August 1, MTV turned 40 years old...We’ve discovered a video that is the entire first two hours of MTV from August 1, 1981...The first video famously played on the channel was The Buggles’ 'Video Killed the Radio Star'" - nerdist.com/article/first-two-

Imagine if you could file a digital restraining order against tech companies. If a creepy person follows you any time you leave your house, looks through your mail, and watches you from the street whenever you're at home, you can legally make them stop. Why not companies?

And another thing. All outcasts into some random obscure quirky interests: do me a favour and start social conversations on that geeky shit with the presupposition that everyone else is interested in it. You know -- like people do when bringing up patriarchal Eng-er-lund to us.

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People project their own values onto successes even in defiance of reality. The same folks co-opting millionaire England players as "leftist" icons will have to reconcile the team meeting with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and royals for tea, honours, photo ops.. Don't @ me.

A Florida Pastor Who Said God Made COVID To Purge Sin Off The Planet Was Hospitalised With COVID

Oohh...You know what? I have an "old" but decent phone - and just discovered the amazing non-profit, free and open source @e_mydata; going to try and test drive it this weekend if I can match it up (which I'm excited about!) Check them out! I'll report back on my experience ASAP.

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"(In) a line from the movie How to Get Ahead in Advertising...a character explains: 'Everything is high in something. And if it’s not, it’s low in something else.' (That explains popcorn packaging declaring it 'gluten free,' for example.)"

I'm a fairly average user who loathes Google and Apple, looking to switch up my smartphone in the coming months. My main apps are F-Droid stuff alongside ProtonMail, Signal, NordVPN etc. Fancy my chances on a ? I only want to use one phone, am broke, but passionate about and the Pine64 ethos. Open to suggestions, advice, reviews, recommendations, and ideas! Thanks!


Stop this Government from turning the UK into a global data laundering hub and trampling all over our privacy rights.

WATCH: youtu.be/GQJVChsk0vM

Anarchist activism can be exhausting. Fighting for the complete abolition of the way society is structured is a daunting task and can easily lead to burnout. We need lifelong fights against hierarchy not burned out anarchists so remember to take time to do things you love and enjoy. Live like you are already free.

#anarchy #anarchism #anarchist #burnout #hierarchy #free #livefree

Every Flag Is Black in a Fire


A selection of texts by Louise Michel, Albert Parsons, André Breton, Jean Genet, and other activists, authors, and artists on the history of the black flag—the anarchist emblem of rebellion, negation, and hope.

Stand up for Privacy:

Proposals commissioned by the UK Government to gut privacy and #GDPR are dangerous and harmful.

These are a taste of what to expect to be official policy in the next few months.

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