This is very disconcerting that far right-wing groups can coordinate pressure on to shut down organising groups on the app, whilst at the same time leaving in place the fascist groups behind the campaign. Please boost, and spread far and wide.

@mediaactivist It is nearly time to turn off all our devices and stop the bigTech companies knowing what we do. This way they cannot make us the commodity selling/harvesting our profiles/activity and they will loose advertising revenue as well, then become irrelevant and hopefully another myspace/bebo.

Do the same with IOT as well, it will only lock you into a product lifecycle/firmware security nightmare

@lossy It is very worrying yes - I think it's crucial we fight for democratic ownership of social media and tech in general, and indeed support the few democratic models that already exist.

@mediaactivist I think in your statement you used the word democratic twice. The democrats and Main stream media/Social media have highjacked the word democratic/democracy and that was very apparent to me when I was getting emails from companies before the election subject "Vote for democracy - Vote for Joe Biden"

Companies like expensify should not be using company mailing list for this purpose especially from their CEOs. I had a company to company relationship with them not a political one.

@lossy Haha I did indeed! Democracy is important but you're right, the "Democrats" don't represent it no matter how much they took the name. I also made a statement about media, media activism, and why the term "mainstream media" isn't always useful - here:

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