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#OtD 22 Jan 2018 legendary anarchist author Ursula K Le Guin died aged 88 in Portland, Oregon. An ardent feminist and advocate for diversity in literature and publishing, she won numerous awards for her work. We have made available some of her books here: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

"We the People"
Seen on a burning limo during the #J20 protests against Trump's Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017

#OtD 13 Jan 1874 the Tompkins Square Riot took place in New York City. German-American anarchist Justus Schwab was one of those attacked by police as part of huge unemployed workers protest libcom.org/history/1874-tompki

#OtD 9 Jan 1905 Louise Michel, Paris Communard, teacher, revolutionary and national hero who was exiled to prison in New Caledonia for years, died libcom.org/history/louise-mich

#OtD 1 Jan 1994 the Zapatista uprising began, when indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico rose up and took control of their communities, redistributing power and organising new, directly democratic ways of running society. Learn more about the Zapatistas: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

22 years ago today, demonstrators used direct action to shut down the summit of the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

In this analysis, we explore what today's movements could learn from the creative and joyous networks that achieved that victory:


I've long been lamenting the sad seizing of narratives lately by the alt-right buoyed by Trumpian talk of "Big Tech" and "Big Data" and argued that we have to reclaim the territory on the true principles of commie sharing and free speech not hate speech. And lo! Just discovered the wonderful @Lemmy with the description as "A community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts, run by Lemmy’s developers" yeeaass! Thank you!

Ten years ago, on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, I recorded a vlog that ended up being shown in school classrooms. Ten years on, I feel it's still pertinent. Check it out: kolektiva.media/w/4ZzZnKsBSD9x #911

"On August 1, MTV turned 40 years old...We’ve discovered a video that is the entire first two hours of MTV from August 1, 1981...The first video famously played on the channel was The Buggles’ 'Video Killed the Radio Star'" - nerdist.com/article/first-two-

Imagine if you could file a digital restraining order against tech companies. If a creepy person follows you any time you leave your house, looks through your mail, and watches you from the street whenever you're at home, you can legally make them stop. Why not companies?

And another thing. All outcasts into some random obscure quirky interests: do me a favour and start social conversations on that geeky shit with the presupposition that everyone else is interested in it. You know -- like people do when bringing up patriarchal Eng-er-lund to us.

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People project their own values onto successes even in defiance of reality. The same folks co-opting millionaire England players as "leftist" icons will have to reconcile the team meeting with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and royals for tea, honours, photo ops.. Don't @ me.

A Florida Pastor Who Said God Made COVID To Purge Sin Off The Planet Was Hospitalised With COVID

Oohh...You know what? I have an "old" but decent phone - and just discovered the amazing non-profit, free and open source @e_mydata; going to try and test drive it this weekend if I can match it up (which I'm excited about!) Check them out! I'll report back on my experience ASAP.

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