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If we treated computer problems the same absurd way doctors treat people with conditions like & :

"Look, the antivirus scan was negative. There's nothing wrong with your computer. You need to work on your dysfunctional beliefs about ransomware and just start using your files regularly again."

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So... I'm turning this into an ongoing thread about .

2. "Pandemics disable people — the history lesson that policymakers ignore"

"Influenza, polio and more have shown that infections can change lives even decades later. Why the complacency over possible long-term effects of COVID-19?"

"From the beginning of this pandemic, people with disabilities understood that the disease would target them and would swell their ranks."

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Ongoing thread.

1. "Why NTs think you need to try harder."

"People that don't struggle with executive dysfunction (specifically, with initiating) assume that we're not trying hard enough because the space between 'trying' to do something and doing it is so small, it's imperceptible to them."

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I'm going to start addressing groups of people with "ny'all" :blobcattea:

---> I'm moving my account to

I guess we'll see whether migrating follows & followers works properly ~

I assume many of you that I follow will need to re-approve a follow request from my new account, sorry ~

See you soon I hope :blobcat:

wear a mask in crowded outdoor spaces and Always indoors

its airborne and can stay in the air for up to two hours

you may be vaxxed but others cannot, or are living with or caring for vulnerable people

wear a mask

Covid, mild swearing, some caps 

I don't care if it's mandatory or not, if you're gonna be in an enclosed space with a bunch of other people for any length of time: WEAR. YOUR. F***ING. FACE MASK. 😡😷

dont fight between matrix/xmpp all that will do is seperate us

we must fight the other shitty chat services instead

you ever think about all that bandwidth, server space and energy we'd save if ads didn't exist on the internet

The speaker asks "Can everyone hear me okay?"
Someone responds "Yes!"
The speaker starts their presentation.

The people who can not hear of course never respond.

#a11y #accessibility

tech companies at hackathons needs to diversify the swag they give out. if you want the best talent to remember your name don't give us cheap nylon bags and t-shirts. the inclusion of cat ears and thigh high socks will help you find some of the best programmers around. trust me.

It's frankly terrifying how ingrained white supremacy is in our institutions, and how brazen the white supremacists have become.

being fat is bad for your health but only because the medical establishment (as well as the rest of society) treats fat people so much worse for it

@foxes And so is grabbing someone to "guide" them without asking. Happens so often to blind people.

i wish all the far right and qanon cultists who think that leftist jewish lizard ppl drink gentile baby blood and other racist garbage would actually take their own advise to "do your own research" and look up the far right peter thiel connected company ambrosia.
if yall want to go after literal evil millionaire/billionaire vampires who steal the blood of young ppl you could start there

I just got my copy of "By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Anime and Manga" by @EricaFriedman in the mail :blobcat:

buddy, look, i'm sorry, but you're on a linux instance; you gotta really show me you're a cool queer (or at least allied) leftist before i accept your follow request

Reminder: when conservatives say them, "woke" = "CRT" = "PC" = "women's lib", and all of them mean "having to treat other people like they're people".

"We find that these apps tell Google when message/phone calls are made/received. The data sent by Google Messages includes a hash of the message text, allowing linking of sender and receiver in a message exchange, and by Google Dialer the call time and duration, again allowing linking of the two handsets engaged in a phone call. Phone numbers are also sent to Google. In addition, the timing and duration of user interactions with the apps are sent to Google. There is no opt out from this data collection. The data is sent via two channels, the Google Play Services (i) Clearcut logger and (ii) Google/Firebase Analytics. This study is therefore one of the first to cast light on the actual telemetry data sent by Google Play Services, which to date has largely been opaque"

#SurveillanceCapital #Google

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