This nonsense makes me angry. It is these stereotypes and passive aggressive messaging pervasive in society that kids pick up on. Any gender can do STEM fields.

Great teaching is not enough if you have society and educators (including principals and headmistresses) constantly sending messages saying that girls should not and do not go into the field because it too hard a subject for them.

"One finding shows that when teachers and parents tell girls that their intelligence can expand with experience and learning, girls do better on math tests and are more likely to say they want to continue to study math in the future.”

More from this report:

"That is, believing in the potential for intellectual growth, in and of itself, improves outcomes.
This is true for all students, but it is particularly helpful for girls in mathematics, where negative stereotypes persist about their abilities. By creating a “growth mindset” environment,
teachers and parents can encourage girls’ achievement and interest in math and science."

"Women who reported that their classrooms communicated a fixed mindset and that negative stereotypes were widespread showed an eroding sense that they belonged in math during the semester, and they were less likely to express a desire to take math in the future. Women who said that their classrooms promoted
a growth mindset were less susceptible to the negative effects of stereotypes, and they were
more likely to intend to continue to take math in the future. "

Female driven mysogeny. I wish I was surprised.

🤯 Wow, this is insane.
I hoped that since my physics course in school (3 out of 17, I think, were women) things had changed and that maybe Germany sucked particularly badly at this, but I guess I was wrong.
For what comes after school, I can say with confidence that large parts of the repelling effect at least my discipline (electrical engineering) has on women is deeply anchored within and has a lot to do with behaviour and structures that are in no way questioned.
"Oh, we expect the engineer for that job to work 40h a week." - Part time? - "Nah! Too much to do!"
"Did you actually have no women applying?" - "Yes, we had a few." - "Why were all rejected?" - "I can't really tell you..."
I once got told in a literally 100% men company, that "women don't really fit here". I mean, duh, if I was the only man amongst thirty women I might think I don't belong there. But I might not. So who are they to decide that?

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