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The Typhoon picture on 31 July 2017 that I uploaded to Wikimedia Commons will be displayed on the main page of English Wikipedia on 31 July 2020, also the 3rd anniversary of the typhoon’s peak intensity!

餐點還可接受,但是週五就不能拆帳分開結帳不知道是啥歪理,說啥要節省時間,可是明明我用Apple Pay根本就不必花多少時間,搞得我得和朋友湊現金,出去了還花了幾分鐘釐清帳目。店家的行為不僅沒有節省結帳時間,還大大增加顧客麻煩,非常令人不齒。

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Social networking companies like Twitter and Facebook are very hostile to users and developers. They tend to upgrade (degrade in fact) functions and narrow the usages for developers accessing APIs. Tweetbot, for example, is now lacking many functions for Twitter because it is getting limited more and more. I don’t think those would increase the revenue much, but they just want to do.


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